The mistake many of us make is settling for a bra that's close enough, rather than holding out for one that's perfect. How to know if you've got an ideal style and correct size? The most important consideration is comfort. This week we had an older lady in the boutique who exercised all of the below perfectly which is what prompted us to remind all of you too. Here is what to check for:

  • When putting on the bra, bend over and allow your breasts to fall naturally into the cups. Stand up slowly and adjust the bra: Put a hand to each breast and raise the nipple so that it's at the centre of the cup. The centre of the bra should lie flat against the breastbone. Be sure there is no gap
  • Check that the bra cups are smooth, with no wrinkles and the wires are not sitting on any of the breast tissue which may cause lumps and bumps.  These may be harmless but a worry if found
  • Turn to the side and look in a mirror to see whether the back of the bra rides up. If it does, this suggests the bra doesn't fit correctly. The back of the bra should rest comfortably against the middle of your back in an equilateral triangle from each shoulder 

Finally, don't forget that each brand is different and you may be a D cup in one and an E in another.  Also, not every style will suit every body for example, if you have recently lost weight or have simply lost some breast tissue and fullness in the cup a balconnet style may not be for you but perhaps a sweetheart shape molded cup.

If you are still unsure then call in to see us for a fitting and advice on the best style of bra to suit you.

Happy shopping!! X

Posted: April 26, 2014
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