To demonstrate exactly how hot Maryan Mehlhorn swimwear really is pop icon Kylie Minogue can be seen in the video for her new single "Sexercise", wearing a sexy swimsuit provided by the premium beachwear label. The ruched swimsuit (minute 2:17 in the official video) from the current 2014 Summer Collection was designed exclusively for Kylie Minogue in a soft nude tone. The attractive plunge-neck and fit accentuate Kylie's sexy curves – a definite high point for the MARYAN MEHLHORN brand.

Equally as hot Dominique Whittaker who is currently a finalist in the Miss Rotherham title Pageant this month and will be wearing a Maryan Mehlhorn 2014 Summer Collection range available from the boutique.  The Safari one piece is a mix of animal prints finished with an eye-catching decolletage at the centre bust and together with the matching pareo and we can't wait to see the pictures.

Dominique we wish you all the very best of luck in taking that title!!




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Posted: May 22, 2014
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