The days of owning 10 bras and wearing only 3 are over.

How many bras do you own?  How many do you actually wear?  Our guess is, like most women, a small percentage of however many are sitting in your lingerie drawer. We can almost guarantee that you will have at least one that rubs and irritates you (poor quality), or one that creates marks (too small in the band), perhaps one that’s straps fall off your shoulder (cup too small), and maybe one that gapes in the cup (cup too large or the style is not right for you), or one that simply does not support you and despite being what you believe to be a ‘good’ bra never makes you look or feel good in your clothes.  The most common reason for this is that the under band is too big and since the under band does 85-90% of the work in your bra if it is too big the reason for wearing one in the first place is completely compromised. 

We estimate that about half of our new customers are wearing the wrong size. Not only does this mean longing for the end of the day so you can go home and get changed and comfortable it also poses health issues such as neck and back pain, indents in the shoulders and rounded shoulders.  More concerning to wear a bra with a wire that does not fit correctly can cause the wire to rub on breast tissue in turn causing benign lumps which are a needless worry.

At & SHE KNOWS… we firmly believe that to invest in two or three quality well fitting bras for day to day wear is all you need.  Of course you can indulge in seasonal colours and styles for special occasions but in terms of great support and long lasting comfort the leap in price point from a purchase in a High Street Department Store is well worth it.

A quality well fitting bra not only gives you support and comfort it will also change the way you hold your body and carry your clothes which in turn can make you look and feel younger and slimmer!

If you are sceptical about investment in your lingerie then call in to the boutique for a free fitting and see for yourself what a difference it really can make.

We stock ranges starting from a 28 back and up to an I cup, are fully trained to the highest standards by the best providers and manufacturers to fit and advise on lingerie, care wear and mastectomy wear.

No appointment is necessary and some out of hours appointments are available.  Please contact the boutique for these on 01302 719292.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

Emily X





Posted: October 11, 2014
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