6 Top tips for a well fitted Bra

So….here are my 6 top tips for checking you have the perfect fitting bra. Remember, when the bra is fitting correctly and is the right size and style for you, you should not feel like you are wearing a bra!!


  1. The band

The back band is responsible for up to 80% of a bra’s support, although the number differs from brand to brand due to design differences. For women with a larger cup size, it’s even more important to find a sturdy band. If it rides up, you may need to size down. If it digs in, you may need to size up.  Breast tissue is heavy and obviously the more generous the cup size the more weight a women is carrying on her front.

Tip: Fasten your bra on the loosest hook and see if you can fit three fingers under the clasp. If you can and if the band stays parallel to the floor, you’ve found the right band size. An easy way to check whether the band fits snugly is to lift your arms above your head. If your bra stays put, your band is tight enough. If it rides up, your band is too loose.

  1. The underwire

The underwire should lie flat against your sternum (chest bone), without digging in. If it bounces back when you press on it, the cups are probably too small. The underwire should also encapsulate the breast tissue completely with no poking or pinching.

  1. The centre gore

The strip of fabric that connects the cups is called the gore of the bra. For a perfect fit, the centre gore should also lie flat against the sternum (chest bone). If it doesn’t and if the underwire lifts away from the body, either size up or try a different bra style that better suits the shape of your breasts.

  1. The cups

The fit of the cups determines the comfort and look of your bra. To find out if you’re wearing the right cup size, check to see whether your entire breasts are inside the cups. If there’s any spillage on the top or the sides, try a larger cup size with the same band size. If the cups are gaping or wrinkling, try a smaller cup size or a different bra style.

Make sure the fabric on the cups offers the right support. Fabric with a lot of stretch doesn’t offer enough support with frequent wear.

  1. The straps

Tightening your bra straps will help lift your breasts but will not give proper support. Straps that pinch or dig in are extremely uncomfortable and can even cause pain or poor posture in the long run. Bra straps only account for roughly 10% of the support in your bra. The back band and the centre gore do most of the heavy lifting when it comes to support.

Tip: Adjust the straps until you can fit two fingers between the strap and your shoulder.

  1. How does it feel?

The final and most important check; always my last question in the fitting room is ‘how does your bra feel?’ Even if you’ve found the perfect size, how a bra feels is the most important test. You may feel more comfortable in a bra with more coverage or in a more revealing style made from lighter materials. Trying on lingerie is like trying on new shoes; The right size is important, but so is the fit, the material, and the overall look!