A gentlemans guide to buying the gift of lingerie

Christmas can be a daunting time for some men, particularly those wanting to give the gift of lingerie but avoid all of the awkwardness or embarrassing moments of visiting that department store and being spotted, or the impersonal service of the assistant with little knowledge of bra fitting, styles, structure, trends or just generally what is appropriate for the women he is buying for.

Even worse….will she like it? Will it fit? Will it offend her? Will he be having Christmas lunch wondering whether she is thinking of returning it, disappointed at his lack of attention?  Of course, this goes for anytime of the year but in the boutique I spend a lot of the month of December helping guys choose the right gift for their partners.

Whilst most men do have a pretty good idea of what THEY are looking for in a gift will it be what the recipient of that gift is looking for be a piece of lingerie for special outfits or occasions or simply a good everyday set that believe it or not guys is equally well received so long as it is a considered and researched purchase.

So before you call in to the boutique please ensure you have done a bit a groundwork and you have to hand the following information (this will mean a bit of snooping about I am afraid):

  1. What size does she usually wear? By this I mean there may be several different size bras in her drawer.  Try and find the most common size and also, don’t forget to check the brief size too.  No women wants just a bra it has to be a matching set if it is a gift!
  2. What UK dress size does she wear? If I have not fitted a woman previously it is better to be able to work out what size she will be wearing in the brands from the boutique if I know her UK dress size.  All brands fit differently and therefore you should never take for granted she is just one size across the board.
  3. What style bra and briefs does she like to wear? This is VITAL information.  There is absolutely no point in buying a pink lacey bra and thong if she usually wears a black t-shirt style bra and rio brief.  Go for the type of style she likes and she will thank you for a thoughtful choice.

There is plenty of choice in the ranges and lots of stock sizes however do not leave it too late!

Finally, if you are still not sure on the lingerie purchase there is a whole host of other options in the nightwear, silks, pyjamas, slippers, gowns and fragrance all also gift wrapped or boxed or if you really cannot decide there is a gift voucher of any denomination which is as much a thoughtful present as it shows you are thinking of her.