Shape up with the best and walk tall!

Ladies don’t fall into the trap of thinking you need ‘drop a dress size’ shapewear underneath your occasion outfit or dress.

I dress many women and I always recommend against it. The main reason is that it may feel fine for the first hour but where you may be standing, sitting, eating and drinking for several hours you will no doubt become uncomfortable very quickly. Shapewear designed for the purpose of slimming your silhouette is heavy on compression which means one of two things; either it is a quality fabric which does exactly what it says and compresses you like a corset or it is a lesser quality fabric and it simply rolls up or down underneath your clothes.

The key to getting the perfect silhouette is to aim for smoothing rather than slimming. This means choosing your shapewear carefully and trying on as many different styles and sizes as you can.

Whether you are carrying a size 8 or 18 you will look amazing if you have a smooth silhouette underneath your clothes. It makes a world of difference to the way your outfit hangs and the fabric moves around your body. The more sheer the fabric of your dress the smoother you will want to be to avoid those unsightly lumps and bumps. The warmer the weather then the finer you will want the shapewear to be to avoid overheating. Your underwear really does matter just as much as your dress!

Along with shapewear in stock is a selection of strapless bras, hosiery, body tape (for the brave) and dress tape for any last minute emergencies.

Make a fitting appointment at the boutique here or call 01302 719292.

MEY factory visit, Stuttgartt

THIS is what REAL sustainability in the fashion industry looks like.

I was recently invited to visit the Mey factory in Stuttgart to learn about their ethos, production processes and the passion this third generation family business established in 1928 has for quality and the environment. It was both inspiring and humbling to see and most definitely made me consider my own purchases.

Mey are end to end of the entire process from sourcing cotton from farms in Peru for import to manufacturing their own machinery, the cutting, sewing, dying and packing process all takes place in Germany. The passion all of the staff and management have for the brand was joyful to see.

I talk a lot to brands and suppliers about sustainability but sometimes it can still feel like a bit of a buzzword on the High Street. We agree that most of the time we like to say that we are making environmentally friendly choices when we purchase new clothing but (I include myself) then pop in to a fast fashion retailer because it’s cheaper or a high fashion piece for today or buy online from theses outlets to save time and for convenience.

I wish two things. Firstly everyone could see how passionate about their product this company is and how they excel and secondly that we had a wider garment manufacturing industry in the UK.

In the meantime I would invite you to the boutique to see the selection of Mey pieces I have in stock which is mainly layering vests, briefs and sleep sets for now however I intend to work with the brand and build the ranges I have in store and shortly have a full collection from this most wonderful brand.

Emily X