How to care for your swimwear


Good swimwear is an investment but is so worthwhile to give you the confidence to look your very best whilst you are on holiday. I completely advocate the benefit of having one or two quality one or two pieces and matching cover up when you are going away.

If you are only wearing these pieces for a few weeks a year then you can expect quality to last for several years. With this in mind ladies often ask how to keep their swimwear looking its best because even in this time the exposure to sunlight, swimming pool chemicals, seawater, sun cream and sweat so here are my top 5 tips to making sure your swimwear always looks its best so you do too!

Tip 1: Rinse! After you swim, immediately rinse your bikini or swimsuit in cold or lukewarm water to remove any harmful substances.

Tip 2: Check the care instructions on the label. Not all fabrics can be machine-washed. Regardless of what the label says, I always recommend washing swimwear by hand. Use cold or lukewarm water and a gentle detergent. Never leave your bikini or swimsuit to soak; you should rinse it immediately.

Tip 3: Once your bikini or swimwear has been washed, do not wring it out. This can damage the fibres and the elasticity of the fabric. What should you do instead? Lay swimwear out flat and allow to air dry. Never leave to dry in direct sunlight, as this can cause discoloration, and never tumble-dry, as it can damage the fabric.

Tip 4: Don’t buy swimwear too small. This can put extra tension on the fabric and cause it to stretch out more quickly.

Tip 5: When it comes to swimwear, premium materials are important. High-quality Lycra is thicker and more resistant to sun, seawater, and chlorine. Opt for high-quality swimwear.

Doing all these things will absolutely save you from looking for swimwear every year and less swimwear, higher quality means less time for you, greater benefit for the planet too!